FACTS Service

Peace of mind for our FACTS Customers.

Our FACTS Systems
Our service offering supports the following ABB FACTS Systems (Flexible AC Transmission Systems).

  • SC (Series Compensation)
  • TCSC (Thyristor Controlled Series Compensation)
  • SVC (Static VAR Compensation)
  • STATCOM (Static Compensator), SVC Light®
  • DynaPeaQ® (SVC-Light with Energy Storage)

Our Commitment
FACTS technologies from ABB provide its customers with high performance and stable power transmission. That applies for today as well as tomorrow. FACTS services provides our customers peace of mind throughout all phases of an installation’s lifecycle.

In order to maintain an installation’s high availability and reliability for a longer period of time, it is important to think about the need for future support and spare parts.

With a Customer Support Agreement customers will quickly get access to the correct expertise, and ABB commits to do the outmost to maintain and maximize the availability & reliability of your FACTS System.

Our customer support agreements are the foundation for a long-term partnership.

Customer Support Agreement
Customer Support Agreements are a combination of the following service products. Additionally, a Customer Support Agreement defines the service level, validity time, and whether the service is recurrent (license) or a one-time delivery.

Our offering

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    Service: FACTS Support


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