A global logistics network is strategically positioned to provide fast parts and repair service throughout the world, 24 hours a day. Our organization uses standardized processes, tools and metrics to ensure that components are delivered quickly.

Workshop repairs

      Workshop repair in authorised workshop includes
        • Cleaning
        • Thorough fault-finding analysis
        • Replace of broken components
        • Complete Functional testing
        • Service report

On-site repair
      Troubleshooting and repair of equipment on-site
        • performed by certified product specialist
        • use of factory recommended tools and methots
        • genuine spare parts
        • service report

Corrective maintenance
      On failure Maintenance strategy: the asset is maintained after accidental failure.
      Maintenance carried out as result of a failure survey aimed at bringing back the element in the status in which it could carry out the required function

Technical support

      Advanced product and application support via telephone, e-mail or online knowledge management services to
        • troubleshooting process to recover from failure
        • possibility to escalate to on-site service case
        • offered during working hours or 24/7
        • response time to be agreed separately

Remote trouble-shooting
      Remote Troubleshooting provides expert on-demand, remote support assistance in the event of a specific problem or failure. ABB specialists can analyze and guide the site control engineer through the fault-finding process

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