Corrective Maintenance
The corrective maintenance service assures that there are skilled ABB personnel on standby to assist you in the case of any problems. In addition to the 24/7 contact support, support engineer can be on-site within an agreed time period. Without this support the time to be on site is agreed on each occasion.

Preventive Maintenance
During the execution of FACTS projects, the preventive maintenance on the system will be described in a Preventive Maintenance Plan. The purpose of this plan is to describe the recommended preventive maintenance activities that are foreseen and to estimate the manpower requirements for these activities.

These maintenance activities are necessary to ensure the availability & the reliability of the system. The Preventive Maintenance Plan is intended to serve as an overall planning guide for the Customer. Each piece of equipment thus has its own set of detailed maintenance instructions.

Remote Service - Help @ your doorstep
The ability to remotely access a FACTS system is a key feature from both a monitoring management and corrective maintenance perspective. Adding to that system data analysis from the FACTS system to help the customer to be “one step ahead”. Therefore, installations delivered by ABB can be equipped with Remote Service.

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