Spares and Consumables

The right part - in the right place - at the right time.

Increased availability of the installations
ABB is continuously working to increase the lifetime of the components. Through good spare parts management and awareness we can inform which spare parts are needed to minimize unnecessary down time. Since parts are not infinitely immune to wear and tear you need to know how to get maximum availability throughout its lifetime.

Main Equipment
The main equipment normally has a longer lifetime compared to control system equipment in the system. Replacements are normally directly exchangeable without design changes. But for few cases minor updates might be necessary and are therefore offered case by case to the customer if required.

Control System Equipment
The control platform for FACTS applications is continuously improving and new controls system platforms are developed to improve performance and functionality.

We continuously monitor the different parts and components included in the system to have early information when components are moving into limited status and eventually Last Time Buy.

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    ABB contact for Indonesia

    Sales: Rajen Garg
    Service: FACTS Support
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