Extensions, Upgrades and Retrofits

An upgrade will boost capacity and production of your facility, and also save valuable time and money.

Development moves quickly. When an installation has been in service for a number of years a technology shift may be desirable. A choice to proactively upgrade the installation, before a severe outage occurs, can save both time and money.

Parts of the FACTS installations which are 15 years or older could be in need of an upgrade. The need for upgrading mainly depends on the general condition of the equipment and the possible unavailability of spare parts. An upgrade will increase the lifetime of your installation.

An upgrade can provide a new control system, new functionality, and a new generation of hardware and software.

Upgrade benefits in summary:

  • Extended system lifetime
  • Improved protection solution
  • Increased operating efficiency
  • Solves potential spare parts problems
  • Access a new generation of FACTS Care services
  • Higher availability
  • Better cost efficiency
  • Improved performance
  • Higher reliability
  • Optimized functionality
  • Redundant system
  • Remote service
  • Easier technical support

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