ABB retrofits twenty four motors for lower voltage operation

2012-04-10 - ABB developed a complete retrofit on motors to make them work on a lower voltage system, resulting in a considerable saving of time and money.

The AAR bus+bahn public operator in Aarau took over five commuter trains from BDWM Transport, and needed to convert them to run on its own lower voltage system. Thanks to its expertise, the ABB service center for motors and generators in Birr, Switzerland, won the contract to retrofit the motors for lower voltage operation. The scope of work included complete rewinding of the stators and replacement of the rotors. The motors are being rebuilt four at a time, with each lot taking seven weeks, for a total period of over two-and-a-half years.

This solution means that AAR bus+bahn did not need to purchase new motors. The project’s slogan is “reuse everything”, and even the old rotors are being refurbished for use by another operator. The project is a good example of a successful win-win situation for both ABB and our customers.

ABB is a world leading independent supplier of innovative and reliable technologies to train manufacturers and railway operators. With a comprehensive offering for rolling stock and infrastructure as well as FACTS, network management solutions and SCADA systems, ABB also provides lifetime service support, including maintenance and retrofit.

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    AAR bus+bahn took over five commuter trains from another Swiss operator, BDWM Transport AG
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