ABB as the speaker in Operational Performance Improvement (OPI) Expo in Palembang

2014-11-05 - ABB was appointed as the first speaker in OPI (Operational Performance Improvement) workshop and exhibition which was hosted by PT PLN P3B Sumatera on August 11-13, 2014.

The workshop was attended by the General Manager of PT. PLN (Persero) Sumatra, Java, and Bali, employees of PLN, industry leaders and more than 300 expo visitors.

From left: Semuel Sondakh and Avicenna Nugroho from ABB

As representative of ABB in Indonesia, Semuel Sondakh, Market Manager of Transformer, and Avicenna Nugroho, Regional Marketing Specialist of Product Group Insulation and Components (PGIC) presented the latest transformer technologies which included transformer components such as HVDC Transformer 800 KVDC that can transmit 8000 MW of power over 2000 km.

The workshop which was led by Djoko Mulyadi, Senior Manager of Transmission Division OPI Java Bali Sumatra saw an interactive session, particularly when GM P3B Jawa Bali and Senior Manager Disjaya triggered it with interesting questions.

ABB is a pioneer in HVDC transformers with a global installed base and voltage ratings up to 800 kV. These transformers transmit bulk power reliably and efficiently with minimal losses. The HVDC converter transformer is a key component. In addition to facilitating the transfer of power between two voltage levels, it fulfils additional functions like the galvanic separation between the AC and DC systems. These transformers can be built as single-phase or three-phase units, depending on voltage and power rating. ABB pioneered this technology in the 1950s, making it possible to transmit bulk power across vast distances with minimal losses. Over the years, ABB’s single-phase voltage ratings have risen from 400 to 800 kV, and three-phase ratings from 100 to more than 1000 KV.

More recently, big ticket HVDC projects in rapidly industrializing places such as China, Brazil and India have highlighted the demand for power to be transmitted efficiently from natural sources over vast, often remote, distances to energy-hungry urban consumers. A good example is the new electricity “superhighway” between Xiangjiaba and Shanghai, carrying 6,400 megawatts of electricity over more than 2,000kms to supply 31 million people.

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