ABB launches a range of low voltage products

2014-07-22 - ABB in Indonesia recently launched a range of low voltage products that helps maximizing productivity, increasing efficiency and achieving greater flexibility and safety in various applications.

The event was conducted in Jakarta on June 25, 2014 and attended by nearly 400 guests consisting of engineers, consultants, contractors, end users, panel builders and decision makers.

The products being launched were Emax 2, RCCB, Contactor AF & AX and SNK 2 PI Spring. These products were presented to the audience, who enjoyed the opportunity to receive detail information about the design and capabilities of the new products, covering aspects of simplicity for design, safety and reliability, energy efficiency and sustainability, improved availability and service.

“Understanding the increasing demand from the market for reliable, energy efficient products, ABB invested heavily in the research and development and the people. The range of product offerings that we launched today perfectly complements ABB’s comprehensive portfolio in low voltage products”, said Richard Ledgard, Country Manager of ABB in Indonesia in his welcoming remarks.

These products successfully gathered media attention, as we received several news coverage from the launch event.

About the products

Emax 2
SACE Emax 2 is a new series of low voltage air circuit-breakers up to 6300 A. With the ability to efficiently and simply control electrical installations – from the traditional to the more complex – with minimum impact, the new SACE Emax 2 circuit-breakers represent the evolution of a circuit-breaker into a Power Manager.

RCCB (residual-current circuit breaker)
Residual current operated circuit-breakers are amperometric protection devices which trip when the system leaks a significant current to earth. They continuously calculate the vector sum of the single-phase or three-phase system line currents and, while the sum is equal to zero, they allow electricity to be supplied; supply is rapidly interrupted if the sum exceeds a value preset according to the sensitivity of the device. Residual current operated circuit-breakers can be classed according to three parameters:
- Detectable wave form
- Tripping sensitivity and tripping time

Besides, depending on the type of construction, residual current devices (RCDs) may be classed as RCBOs (magnetothermic with overcurrent protection), RCCBs (without overcurrent protection releaser incorporated) and RCD blocks.

Energy meter
EQ meter from ABB suit various applications in nearly all segments of the market. The obvious task is of course monitoring and billing for the energy usage. But when you utilize the comprehensive power quality and communication features in the EQ meters you will find even better cost –benefit ratios. EQ meters also provide data which can be used for reliability, safety, and energy efficiency. The instant values for harmonics, reactive power, and power per phase are some examples of data that you can retrieve. When you use them to improve your power quality you will also experience an improved productivity. Fewer disturbances in production, communication systems and other vital functions come along with improved energy efficiency.

Contactor AX & AF
ABB's latest technology for motor control and power switching devices as a complete solution for all segments. ABB Contactor AF with its functions as following wide voltage range, AC and DC in one product, Built –in surge suppression, and reduced energy consumption by up to 80%. ABB Contactor AX and its function as following access global support, optimized logistic, simplify design and secure uptime.

SNK 2 PI Spring
ABB PI-Spring terminal blocks offer a complete set of functions and sizes to fit industrial market needs. The range covers a large scope of applications from 0.22 up to 25mm² and offers 2,3 and 4 PI-Spring feed-through and ground terminal blocks as well as disconnect, fuse and double deck terminal blocks.

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