CIAC - Understanding the proper maintenance of turbocharger

2015-06-26 - At ABB, we believe that customers should have access to the information they need to get the most out of their ABB products and systems and be able to understand how they can use that information to maximize their profitability. Based on this concept, ABB Turbocharging offers a training program for customers, CIAC (Customer Information and Awareness Course).

CIAC is a program that can be conducted at ABB’s service station or customer’s site, based on request. During this training, participants were given theoretical knowledge and direct experience to carry out the turbocharger service work at their workshop guided by ABB’s team of specialists. CIAC covers a whole range of turbocharger related topics, from first principles of ABB turbocharger operation, through cleaning to repair and maintenance procedures. CIAC provides an opportunity to inspect the inner workings of a turbocharger.

Thomas Frencis, Manager of Turbocharging in Indonesia encouraged customers to participate in this training program which is provided free of charge. “CIAC gives value not only for ABB but also for customers to understand more about the proper maintenance of their turbocharger”.

Within a full range of relevant topics, CIAC can be tailored to the specific needs of every end user”. By joining CIAC, customers can be more proactive when making decisions for operation and maintenance because they get to understand the issues better.

If you are users of ABB turbocharger and interested in joining this program, please contact us:

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