ABB’s commitment to “CARE” the customers through service support agreements

2015-07-01 - As the preferred partner to service customer assets, equipment and systems across the entire lifecycle, ABB adopts the use of the term “Care” in service support agreements. “Care” is an internally an acknowledged name for service offerings. The term “Care” serves a dual purpose. It is synonymous with “maintenance” and speaks toward the physical upkeep of particular product, system and solution. Secondly, “Care” also illustrates the close relationship between ABB and its customers. In short, it demonstrates that we in ABB truly care about our customer’s individual needs.

Universally, the term “Care” is used by a variety of industries and it is not registered as a trademark by ABB. “Care” naming as a stand-alone term is not a differentiator for ABB offerings. There are many registrations containing the term “care” in the relevant trademark registers. To define the designation having “Care” as a component of an ABB offering, it should be used together with the trademark ABB written in plain letters. The “Care” naming convention will be adopted by the business units in various market segments and situations for example: ABB Drive Care, ABB Solar Care, ABB Robot Care, ABB Transformer Care, etc.

In Indonesia, ABB Drive Care service contracts is ABB’s strong commitment to allow customers’ business to prosper. With ABB customer care, the customers can get higher profit and cost control. There are three main objectives of ABB Drive Care: efficiency, cost control and focus on core activities. ABB Drives Care allows the customers to be more efficient. It can avoid hassle, wasted time and unnecessary bureaucracy in handling routine and emergency maintenance. On the other side, maintenance and other support activities are also offered at a fixed annual price, regardless of how often they are used and it benefits the customers. It also allows the customers to more focus on core activities by removing the burden and distractions of non-core activities and securing your drives are well maintained. By committing to the main objectives, ABB can position themselves to effect the changes they want to see.

The first of most common services is preventive care. All of the aging components in the drives are replaced according to a pre-defined maintenance schedule. Preventive maintenance kits and labor are also included. However, the annual inspections are an optional extra. By emphasizing in preventive care, it will extend the lifetime of the drives. The second is complete care that covers preventive care and repairs. It means that all the preventive maintenance kits, repair parts and labor are also included. So, the customers will benefit the fixed annual maintenance costs for drives. Third, it covers about technical support. ABB certified specialist will provide telephone support and troubleshooting advice for rapid drive recovery. When the customers need a support from the expert, it is just a phone away. The last one is response time. ABB certified specialist will travel to the customers’ site within an agreed period of time. It shows ABB’s commitment to serve the customers in the fastest way possible.

Beside the most common service mentioned previously, ABB Drive Care can include any service that fits the customer’s specific conditions. For example, ABB will ensure swift repair by always having critical spares close at hand. Trained personnel will also guarantee a better understanding of drive operation and more efficient maintenance. ABB also provides the cheapest, quickest way to replace a drive module and help to protect the environment with a one-year warranty. Not only that, ABB will recondition the module or drive a new lease of life and ensure that the customers will receive immediate alert in case of a drive failure.

So far, ABB Drive Care has been successfully adopted by the most important players as well as by small and medium size companies in several industries, such as food and beverage, chemicals, glass and glass products, water and wastewater, power generation, cement, petrochemicals and many more.

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